One Day Funeral with Casket

Visitation and Funeral on same day (4hrs) - Burial After

Professional & Staff Services

Professional Fee
Coordinating Activities, Rites and Ceremonies
Staff Services for 5 hours
Staff Services for Assemble and Disassemble
Basic Preparation


Facilities for Shelter
Facilities for Ceremony/Reception


Transportation of your Loved One from place of death (Within 100km of In Memoriam.; $1.40/km one way thereafter)

Transportation to Cemetery/Crematorium with Funeral Coach
Lead/General Admin Vehicle


Casket: Batesville Lynx (Dark 262858 or Light 257923)

Memorial Package: 100 Cards, DVD, Memorial Book Personalized

Disbursements included in Package (Charged at actual Cost)

Municipal Death Registration Fee (HST Exempt)

Coroner's Fee (HST Exempt)

Cost (Including Tax) $6602.25

The Following May Apply;

Removal of pacemaker or implant: $75.00
IMFS-XL Cremation Container: (If weight exceeds 180 lbs., a wooden casket tray will be required) $250.00
Identification: (Private time for immediate family to view deceased for 30 minutes) $100.00
Staff Services for Internment at LOCAL Cemetery: $150.00

Staff Services for Internment at out of area Cemetery: $250.00

​NOTE: These prices do not include disbursements which are 3rd party fees and charges, such as, but not limited to obituary, flowers, cemetery fees, outside venue for service, catering, monuments, musicians, Clergy/Officiant.  Cemetery By-laws may require a Vault or a fee for a casket lowing device.